A Fortress Called Home

After sixty years of Israel’s statehood, shouldn’t Jews feel safe there?

The Half-Life

How do the products of an interfaith marriage choose their identities?

Inherit the Windbags

Why projects like the Creation Museum induce religious stupor and cripple imaginations

A Gathering of Diasporas

An Israeli in New York contemplates her homeland

Word Choice

How Hebrew was (and continues to be) transformed into a modern language

Tongue Tied

The romantic, bumpy road to learning a new language

Truth or Dare

A childhood obsession with the Holocaust

School Days

An eleven-year-old who’s finding her way

The Things We Carry

What happens when your inheritance includes a life-threatening genetic mutation?

By a Thread

Designer Levi Okunov straddles two worlds: the religious and the fabulous


Esther marries indie rock royalty

Vision of Unity

An activist poet explores the religious side of social justice

The Cranes Are Flying

Searching for birds in a changed Israel

Master of the Orgasm

A fresh look at the laughingstock of psychoanalysis

Radical Mystic

A onetime scientist’s progression from atheism to spiritualism

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