Amen to That

Joshua Nelson’s Kosher Gospel is music for the times

Labor of Love

An editor looks back on 50 years at the helm of a leading Israeli literary magazine


Did Jewishness inform Robert Frank’s photographic vision?

The Loew Life

Artist Mark Podwal’s love affair with Prague

The Long War


Were Marranos the first of the moderns?

Aleph Vet

A glimpse inside the world of Vietnam’s Jewish GIs

Clothes Make the Woman

A peek inside London fashion with couturier David Sassoon

The Lighter Side

Novelty music walks the fine line between schlock and hilarity

Swallowed Whole

Réjean Ducharme’s mysterious 1966 novel

The Stage of History

Jordi Savall believes the music of the Sephardic diaspora can help save the world

Eastern Exposure

A new book examines the world of Israel’s ‘Arab Jews’

State of Grace

Big Bang

With Lionel Trilling and Robert Giroux cheerleading, Sam Astrachan had a stellar future. Then the glimmer faded.

Sweet Devotion

Religious origins make for some tantalizing tunes

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