• Reports of J Streets demise seem to have been premature. [NYT]

• Not-Jewish Alan Rickman will play Jewish Hilly Kristal in the new CBGB movie. Dumbledore dies. [The Strut]

• Aaron Sorkin was unjustly denied the bimah when he was 13. [All Things D]

• I think we can safely assume that couple behind the current ultra-viral marriage proposal are Jewish. Call it a hunch. [Jewcy]

• Children and young adult book author Ellen Levine has died. She was 73. [WaPo]

• Pauper Mark Zuckerberg is no longer one of the world’s 40 richest people. [WaPo]

• It seems like this could be a bigger threat to Israel’s Jewish character than non-Jewish immigrants. [Jewish Chronicle]

• Secretary of State Hilary Clinton put a quick kibosh on Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s suggestion that Israel might go ahead with a unilateral border plan. [JPost]