Former President Mubarak during his verdict hearing.(STR/AFP/GettyImages)

• While former President Hosni Mubarak received a life sentence for allowing protesters to be killed, many other high officials, including his sons, were exonerated, leading to anger in Tahrir Square. Meanwhile, Russia is bound to focus on Mubarak’s fate as it continues to resist action against President Assad. [WSJ]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu will endeavor to raze the Ulpana neighborhood in the West Bank—as ordered by the High Court—by building at least as many homes in a nearby settlement. [Haaretz]

• Attackers described as North African beat three Jewish men badly near Lyon, France, in an apparent hate crime. [JPost]

• The Syrian conflict has led to tension across the border and sectarian fighting that has killed ten in Tripoli, Lebanon. [LAT]

• Long story on accusations of rape in the historically fraught Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights centering on three black men and a Lubavitcher young woman. [NYT]

• Rep. Barney Frank praises President Obama on gay marriage, in Haaretz. [Haaretz]