The Kotel.(misssamuel/Flickr)

In case you hadn’t heard, on Monday I’m hopping a plane with three dozen of my new best friends, bound for the Holy Land. We are going on a Birthright Israel trip, and we aim to blog it every step of the way, assuming our air cards work (kenna hurra). You will be left in capable hands Scroll-wise. Several different folks will come in to anchor Tablet Magazine’s blog; first up will be Irin Carmon, whom you may already know as our Diasporist columnist.

Additionally, I’d encourage you to bookmark The Roll, which is where all our dispatches will be housed. We’ve put a lot of time into setting this whole trip up, and while what you read there might belong to the subgenre of exhaustedblogging (did I mention we are doing lots of hiking? we are doing lots of hiking), I think it will make for compelling, compulsive reading.

Tablet Is Going to Israel