Egyptian Parliament meeting January 23(Asmma Waguih - Pool/Getty Images)

• The Egyptian Supreme Court has dissolved the newly elected parliament and the military has re-imposed martial law. This could get ugly. [NYT]

• Manhattan has been dubbed Traif. I agree, the bars are way better in Brooklyn. [Forward]

• 17-year-old catcher Max Ungar was drafted by the Washington nationals, but has opted to go to college instead. [JTA]

• Requiem for Fred Karger. [LA Times]

• Eight far-right members of the Saxony state parliament were expelled for wearing a neo-Nazi preferred clothing brand. No, not Ralph Lauren. [Vosizneias]

• Gloria Allred is not a fun interview. [Daily Beast]

• Guys, I’m sorry, but Judaism may have jumped the shark. [6 Degrees no Bacon]

• Then Natalie Portman pays everybody’s tab because Aleph was crying through dinner, and we’re back. [6 Degrees No Bacon]

• Social animal and firework David Brooks follows one person on twitter: Katy Perry. [Twitter]

• Remember when Hitler’s son was Pakistani and named Hitlar and commanded an army of bears? You young people, always forgetting history. [io9]