Mark Zuckerberg and Prescilla Chan on the wedding day. (Facebook)

Happy Fathers Day!

• This goes out to all the future Groucho Chous and Mao Rabinovitches: A new study on Asian-Jewish romance found, among other things, that the trend is real and growing; couples tend to retain Jewish identification more than Asian, and are similarly educated and financially stable. As we say, “I am in the west, but my heart is in the east.” [NYT]

• Newly employed sports columnist Gilad Shalit has gotten the typical Israeli reaction to good news. [6 No Bacon]

• If you use Yenta wrong in a sentence, people will gossip. [NPR]

• Sen. John McCain accused Super PAC Super donor Sheldon Adelson of pumping foreign money—Chinese foreign money—into the campaign. [NYT]

• A proposal for dealing with Iran. [TNR]

• This class action lawsuit accusing Hebrew National of making un-kosher hotdogs made me very hungry. [AJW]

And this one is for our friends at The Roll.