Daphna Poznanski-Benhamou was elected to represent French expats of Mediterranean nations in parliament (Facebook)

• Despite losing the Israeli vote, socialist Daphna Poznanski-Behamou of Tel Aviv was elected to represent French expats living in Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, the Vatican, and San Marino. [JTA]

• Google hearts Israel. [Forward/Haaretz]

• Shockingly, there’s been no progress at Iran nuclear talks taking place in Moscow. [Times of Israel]

• Ronan took a net-swipe at Woody on Father’s Day. [HuffPo]

• More anti-gay rhetoric from the Knesset, this time targeting the IDF. [JPost]

• In advance of the evacuation of five apartment buildings in Ulpana, police are conducting drills, and settlers are preparing to resist. [JPost]