The Raelian swastika flies over New York(photo credit: via Corey Kilgannon's Twitter)

• The Raëlian church, which holds reasonable beliefs (we were created by extraterrestrials) and unreasonable beliefs (the one-state solution), are trying to rehabilitate the swastika by flying a banner around New York with the symbol imposed on a peace sign and a Star of David. [Times of Israel]

• Dieudonné, the French comedian with a heart of gold anti-Semitism, gets the Times profile treatment. [NYT]

• Light unto the nations! ‘“We want our politics to be like Israel,” said [Libyan Islamist] Mosab Benkamaial, 25, referring to the Jewish state’s melding of religious identity and electoral democracy. Mr. Benkamaial, who was captured by United States troops in Baghdad, now runs Darnah’s most popular restaurant, a kebab grill called Popeye’s.” [NYT]

• Israel is training African doctors how to circumcise in order to prevent HIV infection. The project could only be called Operation Abraham. [JPost]

• Walking and talking Tel Aviv’s graffiti. [NYT]

• Tablet Magazine columnist Etgar Keret was among the Israeli literati who canceled an event for Tel Aviv’s White Night cultural celebration in protest over police violence at protests that weekend. [Haaretz]

M.J. in Israel. He died three years ago today.