Not a Turkish airplane.(Getty)

• Don’t you hate it when you confuse Turkey’s fighter jets with Israel’s fighter jets and you shoot at them and Turkey is all like, “Hey!” and then you try to explain that you thought it was Israel and Turkey just isn’t being chill about it? We’ve all been there. [Times of Israel]

• A committee has recommended that Ultra-Orthodox will be able to defer enlisting in the army until they’re 22, so that they’ll be able to be married and have children entitling them to ten times more money than the normal draftee. The committee also recommended penalizing draft dodgers. [Times of Israel]

• Jeff Cohen interviews his toddlers about a haircut gone wrong. “It was all the way down to her tush!” Adorable. [PRX]

• Conservative Rabbis have filed a police complaint against Israel’s Sephardic chief rabbi for incitement against Reform and Conservative rabbis. [JTA]

• And the American Jewish Committee is urging the Israeli government to reform the entire Chief Rabbinate system. [JTA]

• The German foreign minister has also called for the Munich massacre to be acknowledged at this year’s Olympic games. [Times of Israel]

• Israel is apparently doing well at lacrosse, which I believe is tied with polo as the least Jewish sport ever. [JTA]

Jon Stewart tackles the Hebrew National ‘scandal.’