Can you tell me how to ever feel clean again?(Fisher Price/Getty Images)

• Saudi Arabia is readying alternate routes to export oil in case Iran starts sumthin’ in the Strait of Hormuz. [JPost/Reuters]

• The horrifying details of the anti-Semitic Central Park Elmo are revealed and will make you want to hide your kids forever. Included in the story is the saddest picture of a terrible man wearing furry red puppet pants that you will ever see. [NYT]

• A French anti-racism group has settled with Google over its autocomplete function that often suggests “Jewish” as the top choice next to public figures names. [JTA]

• The Israeli city of Ra’anana has banned the planned gay pride parade. [Haaretz]

• Egypt’s new president-elect Mohamed Morsi is filing a lawsuit against an Iranian news agency that fabricated an interview in which he promised to improve relations between Egypt and the Islamic Republic. [JPost]

• The clock is at half past uh-oh as Turkey places antiaircraft batteries along the Syrian border. [NYT]

• A Hamas official was assassinated in Damascus. [Haaretz]