• Hasidic Jews wear clothing that doesn’t seem right for summer and the other daily magazine of Jewish news, ideas and culture is on it. It is actually a fun article. [NYT]

• Bernie Madoff’s younger brother has surrendered himself to police over the Ponzi scheme. [JTA]

Commentary should consider giving free Yiddish lessons to their fellow travelers. They really have trouble with the mame loshn. [The Atlantic/Goldberg]

• Today in “does it trivialize the Holocaust?”: a beauty pageant for Holocaust survivors! [NYT]

• Polish police are investigating graffiti painted on a gallery near the opening of an Israeli photographer and trying to figure out if the slogan, “I Miss You, Jew,” is anti-Semitic. I guess we miss you too? [Haaretz]

• Why this Jewish groom thinks the Hora is “the meatball parm of American Judaism.” [Slate]

• 43 Jewish graves were desecrated in two Jewish sections of Vienna’s main cemetary. [AP]

• On being a Jew in the Bible belt. [Charlotte Observer]