(Margarita Korol/Tablet Magazine)

This week in Tablet Magazine, Daniel Gordis eulogized the late Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Shamir. Jeff Nishball explained why he is planning to keep his arguably ridiculous name even after he gets married. Vadislav Davidzon chronicled a new museum show in Paris featuring depictions of Sephardic Jews in Western art.

On The Scroll, Liel Leibovitz had different thoughts on Shamir’s passing, and also touched on the death of a different prime minister named Yitzhak in praising Rabin assassin Yigal Amir’s release from solitary confinement.

Prime Minister Netanyahu appeared threatened by jockeying over the replacement to the Tal Law, but then seemed in command as usual. Mitt Romney announced he is headed for Israel, seemingly at Netanyahu’s more-than-casual invitation. The Iran outlook is bleak bleak bleak.

An Israeli coped with the Fourth of July by telling American Jews that we’re doing it wrong.Hasidic American Jews coped with the heat with some truly impressive patience. And I coped with returning from Israel by posting pictures.