As the Scroll bids a fond farewell to Marc Tracy, I am thrilled to welcome its new proprietor/master/partner/editor: Adam Chandler.

Adam has been part of the Tablet family since September, so he needs no introduction. But I’ll give him one anyway: Adam, a graduate of the MFA Nonfiction Writing Program at Sarah Lawrence College, was previously a contributing editor for Tablet Magazine and a deputy editor at The Atlantic. His work has appeared in the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, Salon, Moment Magazine, the Huffington Post, and a number of other publications. And he’s from Houston, so commenters should be careful not to joke about barbecue.

I am also very excited to announce that Stephanie Butnick has been named staff writer. Stephanie joined Tablet a year and a half ago, after earning a bachelor’s degree in religion from Duke University and a master’s in religious studies and journalism from NYU, and has most recently been responsible for the ongoing terrific reconception of our sister site, Jewcy.

Finally, our new editorial assistant will be Margarita Korol, who has already put her stamp on our brands through her work with Nextbook Press and her many wonderful, inspired, sometimes crazy, but always beautiful illustrations. Indeed, Stephanie and Margarita conspired on this, a post that made my mother incredibly happy.

So, welcome to Adam, Stephanie, and Margarita. And Marc, come back and visit us from time to time, OK?