Mitt Romney and Prime Minister Netanyahu in early 2011.(Amos BenGershom/GPO via Getty Images)

• False: Mitt Romney was planning a fundraiser in Jerusalem on Tisha B’Av. True: the Romneys will eat dinner after the sacred day ends at the Netanyahus. [Weekly Standard]

• Secretary of State Clinton is “outraged” by the reports that as many as 200 were killed by regime forces in one town in central Syria yesterday. The Syrians need more than her outrage. [Al Monitor The Back Channel]

• In most states, you’ll be able to punch your ballot for a Jewish woman for president. [NYT]

• Among other things, yesterday’s Freeh Report demonstrated that the late Joe Paterno knew of credible sexual abuse allegations against his employee, Jerry Sandusky, as early as 1999 (nine of the ten alleged victims were abused after 1999), and subsequently lied about it, including to a grand jury. But Penn State’s former president Graham Spanier—who is Jewish—is no innocent, either. [Deadspin]

• Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas’ government in Gaza, said that Egypt would protect Gaza and lift its blockade along the border. [JTA]

• A video report from “Egg Rolls and Egg Creams,” a Jewish-Chinese street festival on (where else?) the Lower East Side. [Forward]

About three years ago, I called this “literally the greatest video clip in history,” and after three years of seeing every Jewish YouTube there is, I’m still inclined to agree. It’s been real, folks.