• The Times looks at Sandy Koufax’s little noted basketball aspirations. Apparently, he wanted to play ball for the Knicks. [NYT]

• The case against alleged Nazi war criminal Laszlo Csatary continues to confound observers. Hungarian Jews are finding the recent decision to drop charges related to Csatary’s suspected involvement in deporting Hungarian Jews in 1941 to be troubling. [JTA]

• The Times of Israel chronicles a Druze community in the Golan Heights whose members are heavily divided on the issue of supporting Bashar al-Assad’s imperiled regime in Syria. [Times of Israel]

• Four people have been arrested in Germany for allegedly breaking the embargo against Iran by aiming to deliver valves to build a heavy water reaction. [JPost]

• Over at Jewcy, Dvora Meyers calls for American Jews to shield Aly Raisman from the burden of representing American Jewry. [Jewcy]