• According to its state media, Iran is constructing a $300 million anti-aircraft base that will host seven battalions. This doesn’t sound good. [Times of Israel]

• 613 rabbis, one opinion? Over 600 rabbis have signed on to participate in the campaign initiative “Rabbis for Obama.” [JPost]

• As it turns out, the FBI doesn’t really care whether or not members of Congress go skinny dipping in the Galilee or elsewhere. Not that they’re inviting it either. [NYMag]

• A Satmar-owned newspaper featured an article about the Olympics in which it not only disparaged secular Jews and Zionists, but also black people–using the n-word multiple times. [Failed Messiah]

• Jewcy talks with the co-creator of a parody of the reality franchise “Real Housewives” and explains the show’s phenomenon. [Jewcy]