• A collection of demographers and political activists claims that President Obama’s Jewish support in Florida has slipped from 3% to as much as double digits. [Boston Globe]

• Another disturbing detail emerges from the brutal attempted lynching that took place in Zion Square in Jerusalem earlier this week. According to reports, a police witnessed the attack and did not intervene. [Times of Israel]

• U.S. officials say $150 million has been seized from the Lebanese Canadian Bank because it was reportedly linked to a money-laundering scheme involving the terror group Hezbollah. [BBC]

• Hangover: This week’s congressional skinny dipping story has brought attention to lobby groups sponsoring trips for U.S. lawmakers to visit places like Israel and Turkey. [NYT]

• Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman called on the (surprisingly still existent) Middle East Quartet to oust Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who according to Lieberman is corrupt and an obstacle to peace. [Haaretz]