Golan Heights, Israel-Syrian Border(Wikipedia)

• The Israel Defense Forces conducted a major surprise drill yesterday to simulate the potential threat from the Golan Heights, should the situation in Syria rapidly deteriorate. [Haaretz]

• Writing for the Gatestone Institute, Hisham Jarallah has a grim outlook for the future of the peace process. [Gatestone]

• In support of Americans currently living on food stamps, an assemblage of cantors and rabbis are participating in the Food Stamp Challenge, spending only $31.50 on food and beverages for a week. [JTA]

• Television hosts Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly will square off in a debate early next month in Washington, D.C. [NYT]

• Today in Shofar Safari, here’s a 2011 video of England’s Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks attempting to teach London Mayor Boris Johnson how to blow a shofar.