n+1 magazine has put together a lengthy tribute to Shulamith Firestone, a leading thinker of second-wave feminism and co-founder of the New York Radical Women group, who died back in August. Here’s a bit of the preface:

The first news of her death read like a cautionary tale—a wake-up call for women who choose to reject the security of conventional family life. Later stories gave a fuller portrait of a woman who was loved and supported by family and friends, but who nevertheless slipped away. Obituaries further described the loss of a fearless writer and thinker whose work remains underappreciated, and among younger readers, largely unknown. In an effort to do justice to Firestone’s memory, and to encourage readers to revisit her work, we have assembled remembrances from many of her friends, family, and followers here.

The line-up of contributors is pretty impressive. I highly recommend giving it a read.