The Scroll is adding to our poetry output with Scroll Verse, a recurring feature that presents the works of Jewish poets–or in some cases, poets who write on Tablet themes or have Jewish souls. Our last poem was There on the Other Side… by Chava Rosenfarb.

Our latest installment is an excellent poem by Robert Hirschfield.

White Noise In Jerusalem

At seventy-five,
she almost keeps a straight face
turning on the white noise.
In her building in Talbiyeh
ears bend into tractates.
She lifts her red jersey
and grouses about Rashi.
She hates know-it-alls.
“Imagine being Rashi’s wife…”
Her bed is covered with sea sounds.
Suddenly, she is on top of me.
I make room for all four of us.

Robert Hirschfield reviews books of poetry for The Jerusalem Report.