NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2012(AP)

Candidates for office who promote Mayor Bloomberg’s three Gs—gun control, gay rights, and pedaGogy or education reform (alright, I tried)—may be receiving funds from the billionaire’s newly formed “Super PAC” in the coming weeks. The cash would come in handy for candidates who need that extra media blitz to help their campaigns close out races.

Bloomberg’s intention to influence political contests beyond the borders of New York may speak to his broader ambitions to become a figure on the national stage, championing issues that he believes are progressive and for which consensuses can be achieved. Accordingly, Bloomberg—an independent—will be doling out to Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike for those seeking office on the state, local, and congressional levels.

Among those Mr. Bloomberg will support are Angus King, an independent running for the United States Senate in Maine; Gloria Negrete McLeod, who is challenging fellow a Democrat, Representative Joe Baca of California, whom the mayor believes has been weak on gun-control; and Representative Bob Dold, a Republican from Illinois who has backed gun-control measures.

The move reflects an eagerness from Mr. Bloomberg, who is entering the twilight of his mayoral term, to elect more centrist candidates who are willing to compromise and grapple with what he sees as grave problems confronting the country.

Is it yet to be determined whether individuals who are not seeking office but who will support Bloomberg’s favorite policies (or who are willing to at a price) will be eligible for Super PAC money. I’ll let you know if he ever writes me back.

Bloomberg Jumps into ’12 Races with ‘Super PAC’