Today on Tablet, Rebecca Meiser writes on the fate of the Jewish Jordan Tamir Goodman. Once hyped to be the next big thing, Goodman now teaches basketball to kids who idolize another Jewish basketball, Omri Casspi, whose career in the NBA is flourishing. The two men are unlikely friends.

A few screeches and scratches of the microphone later, Casspi, in loose gray basketball shorts and a five-o’clock shadow, starts speaking to the kids, sprawled on their backs and stomachs on the court. But instead of talking about his own accomplishments, he begins with a speech about the camp director. For the kids, who’d rather probe Casspi for his deepest thoughts, like his favorite ice-cream flavor, the speech is boring. But for anyone who had followed the national basketball story over the last decade, it would have been a dramatic story.

It’s a great read. Check it out here.