Free Syria Army Rebels(AFP)

• Syrian aircraft struck Maarat al-Noaman, a rebel-held northern town on Thursday, leveling numerous buildings and a mosque. The strike killed at least 40 people including a number of children. [NYT]

• Greta Berlin, the co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement who tweeted that Zionists ran concentration camps during the Second World War, has had a number of book talks canceled in California in the wake of her controversial remarks. [JTA]

• Lebanon is seeking legal action against the television show ‘Homeland’ over its portrayal of the city of Beirut as a terrorist haven. We’ll see how that one goes. [Telegraph]

• Over at the Forward, Leah Koenig presents the pumpkin in all its glory. And talks some Sephardic recipes. [Forward]

• Jewcy feels a slight twinge of nachus for Drake, the bar-mitzvah boy last year and now a bona fide high school graduate. [Jewcy]