An Israeli Soldier Walks by an Iron Dome Platform(UPI)

• Israelis within range of the 80-rocket barrage unleashed by Hamas in Gaza upon the communities of southern Israel told the Times of Israel about their experiences. Life in the area came almost entirely to a halt during the fusillade. [Times of Israel]

• Accusing it of carrying out a mortgage scheme, federal prosecutors in New York are suing Bank of America for a billion dollars. [NYT]

• Speaking of billion dollar law suits, the Bank of China is being sued by the families of the victims of the attack on the Mercaz Harav yeshiva in Jerusalem. The families accuse the bank of making money transfers for Hamas, who carried out the attack. [JTA]

• The Washington Post is the latest to provide us with some insight into the mercurial mind of Sheldon Adelson. In a lengthy profile, Marc Fisher writes about how well Adelson has done financially during the Obama years. [WaPo]

• Jewcy explores a card game played by Haredi families that teaches its daughters not to laugh or eat in a suggestive fashion in public. [Jewcy]