• During the destruction of a West Bank outpost, resident settlers and Israeli security forces clashed with settlers throwing stones at IDF soldiers. The settlers are claiming the IDF and police used excessive force. [JTA]

• According to reports, Iran has reached out to offer emergency aid to the United States in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation. A State Department spokesman claims that the administration has not formally received such an offer. [NYT]

• Eli Valley is back with a new (and controversial) comic in the Forward, which features a scientific experiment that involves Judah Maccabee and Anne Frank. [Forward]

• Our own David Samuels appears in The Atavist for a podcast on longform nonfiction. Check it out! [Atavist]

• The AP is reporting that the recent bombing of a state-run weapons factory in Sudan is a larger sign of a rivalry between Israel and Iran that is taking shape beyond borders of the Middle East. [AP]