Author Mitch Albom poses with copies of his new book For One More Day at a Starbucks store Oct. 3, 2006 in New York City.(Getty)

Today on Tablet, Mitch Albom talks with Laura Goldman about his life, his erstwhile career as a sportswriter, and his new book The Time Keeper.

Though he has achieved phenomenal success in two disparate genres, he does have a few regrets. “I did not have children,” said Albom, noting he’s still a big brother to his 17 nieces and nephews. “I was so busy with my career that I did not get married until late. We did not succeed in having children in the small window that we had.” That was not the answer I expected. His main thesis in The Time Keeper is that one has to accept God’s decision about your time on earth. Yet Albom, who prays every morning with his wife, is unable to accept God’s decision about his own childlessness. The author, who is thinking of writing his next book on either Haiti or envy, advised: “Don’t envy me. I have paid a huge price for my success.”

It’s a very insightful look at the man.