Power Slowly Returns to New York(PolicyMic)

• In another interview with Israeli media, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas spoke out against the rocket attacks launched on Israel by Hamas in Gaza. Everyone remains skeptical nonetheless. [JPost]

• After much controversy, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has called off the 2012 New York City Marathon in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. [NYT]

• In case you missed it: Tablet’s own David Samuels talks nonfiction and life in the Longform podcast. [Atavist]

• Stunning yet unsurprising news of the week: The Israeli party Kadima, in a recent poll, is not expected to make the 2 percent voting threshold in the upcoming elections. [JTA]

• Jimmy Kimmel, taping in Brooklyn this week, asks the most hackneyed of questions: Hipster or Hasid? [Jewcy]