• On the same day that the European Union collected its Nobel Peace Prize, the EU condemned Israel’s E1 plan to build 3,000 homes in a controversial section of the West Bank. The body threatened unspecified consequences if Israel carries out its plan. The EU also expressed “serious concern” about the Syrian civil war and the northern part of Mali, which has been lost to Islamist rebels. [AP]

• An FBI reports shows that hate crimes have decreased by nearly 6% in the United States, including a broad drop anti-Semitic hate crimes. [JTA]

• The BDS movement reportedly may boycott the Israeli company SodaStream (which has been based in the U.S. for four years) after the company announced that it had bought television commercial time during the Super Bowl. [JTA]

• The apparently irresistible Jewish porn star James Deen is at the center of a controversy in which he admitted that he had slept with a female journalist, but wouldn’t reveal who he seduced. The Observer has an idea. [Observer]

• Jewcy is leading the way with cutting edge do-it-yourself Hanukkah crafts, one of which employs the use of feminine hygiene products. [Jewcy]