Ravi Joshi(Tablet Magazine)

With the last weekend of 2012 coming up, Tablet has compiled a list of some of our best stories from the year to help you get ready for 2013. This is by no means a definitive list, but a good of mix of things we’re proud of from our various sections.

• Our new fiction series has taken off with writers like Aimee Bender & Josh Cohen contributing their original content.

• Thomas Beller wrote an eloquent tribute in honor of the work of the poet and musician David Berman.

• Dara Horn scribed our very first Kindle Single about the forgotten World War II rescuer Varian Fry.

• Who could forget Michael Moynihan’s piece on Jonah Lehrer’s deceptions?

• Earlier this month, Menachem Kaiser had this story about a pedophile ring in Jerusalem that may not be real.

• J Hoberman had a series of great reviews for us: Among them, a look at Todd Solondz’s film Dark Horse, a story about the Russian-born filmmaker Julia Loktev, and a smart take on Joseph Cedar’s Israeli tragedy Footnote.

• Joan Nathan showed us how to make the ultimate latke.

• Matthew Fishbane reported on Hugo Chavez and the flight of Venezuelan Jews.

• Danielle Leshaw had a dispatch about how Israeli children are taught about the occupation of the West Bank.

• Nona Willis-Aronowitz took a look at the feminist and political legacy of Shulamith Firestone who died in 2012.

• Etgar Keret had a great story about his new house–the narrowest in the world–and his family’s history in Poland:

• Raffi Leicht wrote movingly about how the Jewish holidays helped him battle cancer.

• Roni Handler had these thoughts on same-sex marriage, religion, and family tension.

• Evelyn Krieger wrote on religious observance and letting go at her daughter’s wedding.

• Aaron Wolfe chronicled his search into his grandfather’s history in the Holocaust.

• Avital Chizhik gave us this lovely essay on Orthodoxy and rules of modesty.

• Jake Kohlman shares his tale of how he discovered his Jewish faith while serving the U.S. Army.

Enjoy them again or for the first time!