• As many as 35 hostages have reportedly been killed in a botched raid in Algeria. 15 kidnappers were also said to have been killed when military forces opened fire at a standoff at a gas field. [Reuters]

• A new geographic profile of the New York Jewish population shows that the Orthodox are growing the fastest, Washington Heights is a growing Jewish community, the Lower East Side is shrinking of its Jews, Borough Park in Brooklyn is nearly 80% Jewish and the youngest Jewish residents live in Williamsburg. [UJA]

• More polls: Analysis of polling data shows that the economy was the biggest reason why Jewish voters overwhelmingly supported President Barack Obama in the last election. Specific economic issues like poverty and Medicare were also reported to be factors within the broad economic concern. [JTA]

• The Times reports on the apathy of Arab voters in Israel, which, if mobilized, could form the the second-largest party in Israel. [NYT]

• Dealbook reports on how the high-profile investigation of wrongdoing against hedge fund billionaire Steven A. Cohen has not yielded many results. [NYT]