• 10,000 polling stations, 120 seats, 32 parties, one prime minister. After months of intense campaigning, the rest is up to the Israeli voting public. [JPost]

• Domestic-heavy. Partisan. Progressive. Defiant. Divisive. Some of the early descriptions of President Barack Obama’s second inaugural address have come in. Take a look at the speech and decide for yourself. [NYT]

• Check out the Washington Post‘s composite of 305 high-resolution pictures from President Obama’s inauguration that allows users and staff to identify members of the audience with tags. [WaPo]

• Updated: A pair of high-ranking Iranian officials may be in hot water after the two were filmed kissing each other in an elevator. [YNet]

• Curbed takes a look at the plight of a Lower East Side synagogue and the debate among preservationists about whether to demolish it or not. [Curbed]