As we reported a few weeks ago, a group of seven Jewish men boldly anonymously posted an ad on Craiglist asking seven Jewish women to join them at a Shabbas table in Washington, D.C. Perhaps the most representative sentence of the initiative was this one:

In a nod to our orgiastic traditions, we are inviting seven lucky ladies to feast with us. Echoing the State of Israel’s Declaration of Independence, we will consider you, “irrespective of religion or race,” as long as you “bring your own lactaid pills.”

We hoped against hope that love would blossom because if there’s a miracle more rare than true love, it’s finding true love on Craigslist. I’m proud to announce that Jewcy has the scoop on the fete from one of the lucky ladies who was selected for the dinner. Here’s a small bit of the interview.

How long did you spend on your application? Did you take it seriously or just fire something off?

It probably took me longer to read the posting than to write a response. My ‘application’ began with “Dear circumcised gentlemen” and ended with “Pick me and make my bubbe kvell.” I used Maimonides and Zach Braff in the same sentence and told them they better not be schmucks. They asked for a picture so I sent one of me at a prayerbook vending machine in Jerusalem.

Check out the rest here.

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