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• State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland condemned Turkey for its incendiary language in calling for Syria to retaliate against the Israeli strike on Syria last week. [Times of Israel]

• Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad got mixed reviews during his visit to Cairo. He was greeted warmly by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, but during a meeting with a leading Sunni Muslim scholar, Ahmadinejad was challenged over political and theological differences. He was also targeted with a shoe whilst strolling through a crowd in Cairo. [Ahram]

• Our brilliant senior writer Allison Hoffman was featured on a panel about the social protests in Israel from last summer and their impact on the Israeli elections and society as a whole. [TheaterJ]

• The 19th Israeli Knesset was sworn in and held their inaugural session today. [JTA]

• We were long overdue. The latest installment of Jewcy’s ‘Network Jews’ cover Entourage’s superagent Ari Gold, based on Ari Emmanuel. [Jewcy]