According to a report (and, perhaps, numerous tent protestors), Tel Aviv is among the most expensive cities in the world. The survey, used by multi-national companies factoring cost of living expenses in transferring workers, put Tel Aviv in the Top 40.

According to the EIU’s bi-annual Worldwide Cost of Living Report, Tel Aviv is the 34th most expensive city in the world, only seven spots shy of New York, ranked 27th, and well ahead of other major international cities such as Chicago (38), Berlin (40), Washington, DC (47) and San Francisco (64). Tokyo took the top spot, as it has every year but six since 1992.

There are some caveats, one in particular explaining that the costs in the report are translated into dollars so the strong shekel enhances the gap, but it’s an interesting way to look at the city, especially given how economic factor influenced the recent elections.

In other news, how on earth is San Francisco so cheap?

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