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Meet Israeli Playboy’s First Cover Model

Israeli model Nataly Dadon will grace the March issue’s cover

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Playboy founder Hugh Hefner arrives at Stansted Airport on June 2, 2011 in Stansted, England. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Last month, we reported the news that Playboy is being launched in Israel, featuring Israeli women and Hebrew text, and it looks like 13-year-old Israeli boys aren’t the only ones excited about it.

The magazine will publish its first issue this month, featuring Israeli model Nataly Dadon on the cover. Here’s a video of her cover shoot. You know, for the articles:

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zlop says:

Good read “Why All Porn is Gay (Encore) – Henry Makow”

Randy Kitchens says:

Hugh is a PRIVATE JET owner, the exact target of the Obama monetary plan. Israel makes good sense to expand into. The women are beautiful, usually in the military and quite intelligent. Heaven to Hugh Hefner.

Ah yes, a Chosen slut from the Promised Land.

Fredric M. London says:

Playboy. Kosher at last!

bustermosson says:

Aperv like you couldn’t appreciate a female beauty especially if she is Jewish you prefer smelly mudslimes.

Casey Loring says:

Please don’t assume that a Jewish woman, or any woman, who appears in Playboy is a slut.

Lee_PauI says:

Jewish porn?

Is it something like “take out ur wallet and start counting 2 dollars bills, one… ohhhhhh”


ha! Family Guy joke. You’re so original..

Hey they degrade American women, why not some Israeli women to!? :|

cocopuf4u says:

What else would you call them?

cocopuf4u says:

… and even defiling their bodies too. Yes?

cocopuf4u says:

He’s the usual shmuck around. :)

Aww – look, stinky Israeli racism at it’s finest!

You DO realize that the majority of porn is created and financed by Jews right?

Why can’t we assume she’s a slut? After all, isn’t that what you Jews assume about gentiles who appear in Playboy, hypocrite?

Guest says:

“You Jews”? Grow up.

LeilaM12 says:

Sorry, but is there a country that does NOT have beautiful women?

LeilaM12 says:

You know what I find ‘fascinating’ about schmucks like Matt? They never comment on the men consuming and financially profiting, only about women posing. I’m pretty sure he’s so dense, he wouldn’t even be able to define “sexual objectification”.

The majority of EVERYTHING…. is created and Financed by Jews.

Why would the article’s title mention Israel’s first playboy cover model, then only show a picture of Hugh? Idiots.

poonkie lover says:


skizm says:

Sooo not hot

I agree where is the babe image?

archarthur says:

Funny story. At DaNang fighter crews never saw USO shows. We gave our tickets to the flight line guys who put up with rocket attacks but didn’t have the opportunity to take out their hostilities on the NVA.

On the morning of 28 April 1972, my F4E was hit by an SA2 over North Vietnam. Details at

There is a tradition that when the Jolly Greens rescue someone, they fly over at 1500′, break at midfield and throw out one can of orange smoke per save on downwind. In our case – two. The USO cast was just leaving the O Club. Their escort officer was clueless, but called the rescue squadron. “They rescued a Stormy crew!”

The troupe asked where they would take us. “Hospital!” he guessed correctly.

I was coming out of the ER on crutches when I saw this drop dead gorgeous blonde nurse. She looked vaguely familiar. She pointed at me and in a Texas drawl said, “You’re Arch Arthur and you’re taking me to dinner.”

“Deal!” I replied. Then I realized where I had seen her. She had been the playmate of the month four months earlier. There is a God.

effinayright says:

Amanda, put on your snood and Mother Hubbards, and slip yourself between the sheets. I’m sure they’ll be at freezing temperature within a few minutes.

MakeItSoNumberOne says:

Burma, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Iraq, Iran, Yemen….

Women from Iran are known for their beauty since ancient times.Farah Diba and Soraya( half german)

agree- I clicked on a link to see Hot Israeli Model. All I saw was wrinkled old pervert. FAIL

Finrod Felagund says:

This story wins the thread, hands-down.

Heff is pathetic, stuck in pre-pubescent fantasies for his whole life, with nothing to show for it. Sad..

USA, Portugal, Armenia.
The Luo tribe women from Kenya are gruesome too.

popsiq says:

A Guccione ‘tail’ would have been far more salacious. And a Larry Flynt gynecological would have been right up most servicemen’s alleys.

popsiq says:

The Arabs getting a gander at that mogen-david poontang is going to create w whole new problem. Or a solution to the old one. If you can’t beat them, screw them.

Fredric M. London says:

Yeah, how sad. Imagine, being 87 and yet stuck with wives in their early 20s. Poor man, how I pity him! (uh, Hugh, could we change places for a few…..decades?).


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Meet Israeli Playboy’s First Cover Model

Israeli model Nataly Dadon will grace the March issue’s cover

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