Earlier this year on Bob Marley’s birthday, we wrote about the famous musician’s Jewish father, which apparently not a ton of people knew about. We were surprised too.

Now, as we approach the time to celebrate the exodus, why not look to one of exodus and Zion’s biggest proponents, Bob Marley for some inspiration. Sound insane? Earlier this week I was informed (h/t Stephanie Butnick) of the existence of a Bob Marley Haggadah, which captures the spirit of Marley (I think), uses some swear words, promotes the history of Jewish achievement, and also inexplicably rips on Morrissey. Created by a fella named Nathan Phillips and designed by Jessica Stewart, it contains the images of Biggie and Tupac and credits Dayenu with being the best Jewish song not written by Barbra Streisand.

If you’re in a pinch or want to redefine bitter herbs, I suggest you check it out. It may not be Maxwell’s, but it do got that silver hammer. It may not be Foer’s New American Haggadah, but it may make you feel extremely high and incredibly chosen.

I got nothing.