• The CIA as well as some Arab countries and Turkey have been stepping up efforts to provide military aid to Syrian rebels engaged in their fight against dictator Bashar al Assad. [NYT]

• According to an explosive investigation, Ben Zygier, known as ‘Prisoner X,’ was reportedly involved in giving away highly sensitive information about the identities of Israeli spies in Lebanon, which benefitted Hezbollah. Zygier killed himself in prison back in 2010. [SMH]

• David Ranta, whose conviction for murdering a Brooklyn rabbi was overturned after he served 23 years in jail, was released on Thursday. Ranta suffered a massive heart attack the following day. [JTA]

• The Forward looks at possibly the most ridiculous seder ever, featuring Lou Reed, Philip Glass, David Broza, Neshama Carlebach, and others. [Forward]

• Jewcy enlists a gluten-free nosher to rank the best Passover products as the Jewish world gets ready to fast. [Jewcy]