• Short of money and fuel and, with tensions running high, the shortage of stability and tourism in Egypt is destabilizing the country. [NYT]

• Following President Obama’s trip to Israel, a poll gauging the perception of Obama’s attitude toward Israel showed a marked shift. The percentage of respondents that think the American leader is pro-Palestinian dropped 20%. [JTA]

• Capt. Sarah Schechter is the first female chaplain to serve in the United States Air Force. Rabbi Schecter’s father was also a chaplain in the USAF. [Haaretz]

• Ever hosted a Passover seder in Jakarta? Sarah Brafman has and wrote about it for Jewcy. A great read. [Jewcy]

• Another month, another report. An unnamed official says that Iran could have a nuclear weapon by July. [ToI]

Enjoy the rest of your Passover. We’ll see you on Wednesday!