• During a break in the resumed talks in Kazakhstan between Iran and the P5+1 groups on the Iranian nuclear program, the deputy head of the Iranian delegation announced it had a “comprehensive proposal” for future dealings on the issue. The details of that proposal? Nobody said. [JTA]

• Meanwhile, diplomats are accusing Iran of failing to respond to demands that the country scale back its nuclear program. [WaPo]

• Yediot reports that Ben Zygier, known as “Prisoner X,” discussed the details of a plea bargain that would have kept in jail for at least ten years with his mother hours before he took his own life. [ToI]

• Stanley Fish details a new book about intermarriage and highlights not only new statistics, but new approaches to the issue. [NYT]

• Remembering Peretz Hochman, the Polish Warsaw Ghetto hero, who performed several complicated missions as a child in Warsaw during World War II. Hochman died last week at age 86 just before he was set to light a commemorative torch at Yad Vashem. [ToI]