Berlin Jewish Museum(NYDN)

Following Jamie Kirchick’s stellar dispatch yesterday from his time as the Jew in the Box at the Berlin Jewish Museum, we thought we had perhaps heard the last of the phenomenon.

Then we checked our e-mails today:

The Jewish Museum of Venice/ Museo Ebraico di Venezia is proud to announce a solo exhibition of works by Dwora Fried: Outsider in a Box. Powerful and provocative, and at times humorous, Ms. Fried’s mixed media capture people, places and emotions under glass – literally. Composed in wooden boxes with glass fronts, the pieces ask unsettling questions about identity, beliefs and space. They recreate imaginary scenes of displacement, entrapment and isolation. The confines of these small, wooden boxes allow the viewer to share in the intimate world of the artist.

“Growing up as a Jew in Vienna, I have always felt like an outsider and that perspective is reflected in my art,” explains Fried. “It is by far my most autobiographical work; it contains elements of my life as a jewish/austrian/lesbian child of a holocaust survivor.”

I’m not sure how literally this exhibit is going to take the idea of boxes, but for the Austrian-born, Israeli-educated, American artist, the bar has been set pretty high. Or pretty low, depending on your take.

With any luck, the next stop on this artistic diffusion won’t be Japan’s Jewish Museum. I think to have all the former Axis powers with the same exhibit might send the wrong signal–assuming it hasn’t been sent already.

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