• Just hours after the end of the most recent (fruitless) round of nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 group, Iran celebrated the opening of a uranium mine and a production plant, both of which are linked to its disputed nuclear program. [WaPo]

• Secretary of State John Kerry has returned to Jerusalem where he is met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the hopes of restarting peace talks. [JTA]

• In case you’ve been wondering about how the Arab-Israeli Conflict has been playing out on bus and subway ads over the past two years, the Times has assembled a guide. [NYT]

• Israeli filmmaker Yariv Horowitz, who was the center of a highly debated violent incident in France last month, says he will file a police report about his assault in an order to clarify his story. [ToI]

• The goyim win again: Thousands of West Bloomfield kids are mourning the University of Michigan’s loss to Louisville in the NCAA championship. [AP]