Sometimes you stumble across a wedding announcement so rare, you have take note of it. Especially when it involves tall blonde Jews who meet while making lobster salad at a birthday party in Westchester.

So goes the story of Myriah Hampton and Jacob Kulin. They met, they had their hesitations, they succumbed, they married. This story has it all. Danish ancestry, furniture making, some poetry, a ketubah with a boat on it, a “five-to-seven-point checklist,” and a very WASPy proposal.

“I started talking about wanting to get married,” she said. “I wasn’t going to pressure him. I wanted to enjoy our time together, and our progress.” Still, every time he suggested meeting friends or dinner, she would joke, “Should I wear my good clothes, my Louboutins?”

In fact, she was barefoot when it happened. Roy Schoenberg, a good friend of Mr. Kulin, offered the use of his 74-foot boat, Latitude. Mr. Kulin told Ms. Hampton they were meeting Mr. Schoenberg in Newport, R.I., to move the boat. The carefully rehearsed captain announced that Mr. Schoenberg was running late and suggested they take a ride to watch the sunset. Then the captain turned the boat around and cut the motor.

“She said, ‘Too bad you didn’t think of this as an opportunity to propose,’ ” Mr. Kulin said. At that point, he dropped to his knees and offered her the ring.

Don’t worry, they still got hitched in Palm Beach, Florida.

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