That’s a big matzo ball.(Daily News)

• The world’s largest matzoh ball, displayed and dispersed in New York City yesterday, looked a bit like, well, a breast, which lent a disturbing air to the response of one taster: “I love matzo balls, [but] they have to be like my mother’s.” [NY Daily News]
• In Standing By: The Making of an American Military Family in a Time of War, Alison Buckholtz tells of the travails of being a Jewish army wife, including moving to a town without a synagogue and being referred by a chaplain’s office to a group of Messianic Jews. [Jewish Chronicle]
• A discussion of the use of loaded words like “judenfrei” (Jew-free) in justifying Israeli actions in the conflict with Palestinians. [The World]
• Although documentary Being Jewish in France “may sound like a picture with a limited potential audience,” it should resonate “with any minority group making its way in a majority culture,” says the L.A. Times. [LAT]
• An Arab couple in Israel is suing a mother who allegedly bullied her Jewish daycare center out of enrolling their daughter. [Ynet]
• And the grand rabbi of the Spinka Hasidic sect, who earlier this week pled guilty to a money-laundering charge in Los Angeles federal court last week, gave his first-ever interview about the crimes. [Hamodia]