Museum of Danish Resistence.(TripAdvisor)

• A defected Syrian general claims that he was ordered to use chemical weapons–specifically sarin gas–and said chemical weapons have been used in at least 13 locations during the Syrian civil war. [ToI]

• The seemingly accident prone Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has been released from the hospital two days after surgery on a shoulder he injured while riding his bicycle. It’s Breyer’s third serious biking accident. [Reuters]

• The Museum of Danish Resistance was badly damaged in a fire earlier today. Most of the collection was saved, but the building will likely be destroyed. [JTA]

• The holiday may have passed, but the recipe holds strong year-round. Lag B’Omer smores. [Jewcy]

• From the White House Correspondents Dinner, a look at Steven Spielberg’s Barack Obama biopic starring Daniel Day-Lewis: