Ronald Lauder Speaking to the WJC. (WJC)

• According to reports, Israeli planes repeatedly struck chemical missile sites (or “research facilities”) in Syria over the weekend, causing significant damage to military installations and killing a number of soldiers. [NYT]

• Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s speech to the World Jewish Congress was not muscular enough in its condemnation of anti-Semitism according to a few leaders of the conference. [JTA]

• Dr. Zeke Emanuel (of Emanuel Brothers fame) likens the benefit of colonoscopies to the painful task of home remodeling. He somehow avoids any references to plumbing though. [NYT]

• Chai Tide: Everything you needed to know about an Orthodox Jewish surfer. [Visual News]

• Monday morning quarterbacking your Cinco de Mayo: Dan Pashman explains how to properly use a tortilla chip without breaking it off in the dip of your choice. [NPR]