• With limitless potential for either a romantic comedy or a Liam Neeson movie, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian Premier Vladimir Putin will reportedly meet this week to discuss Syria. The focus of the meeting will be a troubling arms deal between Syria and Russia. [NYT]

• The academic conference that astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has decided to boycott has a record of hosting Palestinian leaders, academics, and negotiators each year. [ToI]

• Tablet contributor Judith Shulevitz writes on the science and impact of loneliness for the New Republic. [TNR]

• Jake Berkman takes a sharp look at the controversy surrounding the graduation of three women from an Orthodox rabbinical school in the Bronx. The graduations have been rejected by the Rabbinical Council of America. [Forward]

• In case you missed it, Jewcy’s Network Jews series takes on the Josh Malina’s character David Rosen on the hit ABC show ‘Scandal.’ [Jewcy]