Mughrabi Quarter, Jerusalem.(Geolocation)

• Peggy Cidor, a journalist and member of the Women of the Wall group, found her Jerusalem home had been sprayed with graffiti by vandals. Slogans like “Torah tag,” a reference to price tag attacks, was painted on her door and “Women of the Wall are villains” was found on the wall outside her apartment. [ToI]

• An Israeli commission has concluded that Muhammad al-Dura, a Palestinian boy and icon of the Second Intifada, may not have been struck by bullets at all during a shootout infamously captured by French television in September 2000. [NYT]

• Jay Michaelson writes on the murder of Mark Carson and the persistence of bias crimes despite advances in civil rights. [HuffPo]

• The Forward reports on the unforgotten Mughrabi Quarter in Jerusalem, which was razed by Israeli troops following the Six-Day War. [Forward]

• In case you missed it, Austin Ratner–of the fabled Ratner Pack– gets profiled by the Times. Jewcy follows up on a piece he wrote for the site earlier this year. [Jewcy]