Amos Oz(92Y)

• The German government has worked out an agreement to fund the home care of aging Holocaust survivors. The funding will include $800 million in new funding for the next three years in addition to funds already promised. [ToI]

• Four Syrian rockets hit a village in Lebanon just hours after three Lebanese soldiers were killed at a border checkpoint. The violence comes amid fears that the chaos of Syria’s civil war will soon engulf neighboring Lebanon. [NYT]

• A new artificial intelligence program on a high-powered computer network is being used to help construct the centuries’ old bits of the Cairo Geniza. For more on the geniza, listen to our Vox Tablet podcast with Nextbook author Adina Hoffman. [NYT]

• There are units for sale in a luxury complex that was once part of a Nazi leisure project near the Baltic Sea. Asking price: $257,000. [Curbed]

• Amos Oz has won the prestigious Franz Kafka literary prize. The 74-year-old author and activists has pretty much won every award under the sun except for the Nobel Prize. [JPost]