• Believe it or not, there is a world record for the world’s biggest custard pie fight. And, even more surprisingly, it’s just been beaten by a group called the Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade in the village of East Mersea in England. [Daily Gazette]
• The Forward’s Sarah Seltzer wants “Jewess” Rachel Menken back as a character on Mad Men, describing her as “a tribute to the attractiveness of independent-minded Jewish women” and “a commentary on the place of Jews in the American myth.” Even for a show that inspires such bold assessments, Seltzer may be taking it a bit far. [Forward]
• A Jewish prison inmate in Michigan has had his kosher meals suspended after being caught buying non-kosher treats from a vending machine, supposedly for someone else. [AP]
• In reaction to the paranoid talk of President Obama’s supposed “death panels,” the New Jersey Jewish Standard offers Jewish guidance on end-of-life issues. [NJJS]
• The newly-revealed affair between Bernard Madoff and ex-CFO of Hadassah Sheryl Weinstein has raised questions about the legitimacy of some of the women’s organization’s investments with the conman. [NYT]